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2022-07-22 23:07:31 By : Ms. Rich Ms

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – North Myrtle Beach Police released additional details on the officer-involved shooting and apprehension of William Alston Thursday afternoon.

State authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting in the Grand Strand while a suspect remains in custody.

The North Myrtle Beach Police Department captured 40-year-old William Alston Thursday afternoon after an hours-long manhunt in the areas of Barefoot Resort and the Briarcliffe RV Resort.

According to the report, early Thursday morning, an officer spotted Alston’s Jeep Gladiator in the parking lot of the Ironwood Condos on Oyster Catcher Drive.

Officers had been searching for Alston to serve a warrant on domestic violence and abduction charges.

The officer said when he pulled into the parking lot, the lights of Alston’s Jeep were still on and Alston was not inside the vehicle. Anabolic steroids were later found in the vehicle.

The officer then called for backup.

Responding officers knew Alston’s home was located behind the condo building and across the golf course on Catalina Drive. They decided to wait for Alston to return to his vehicle.

Two officers waited on the northwest corner of the building and two others waited on the southeast corner.

The initial responding officer said he heard movement behind the building and saw Alston duck behind a green electric box, according to the report.

Officers advised Alston to come out and show his hands when he started firing shots at two officers.

Donald Graham, the spokesperson for the city of North Myrtle Beach, said that the officers did fire back.

North Myrtle Beach police and SLED said all officers involved are OK and were not hit.

Shortly after shots were exchanged, police evacuated some people from their homes in the Barefoot Resort area.

For several hours Thursday morning, law enforcement blocked off streets in the area of Tanglewood Barefoot Resort and Ironwood Complex while they searched for Alston.

Around 10:30 a.m., police moved their search from the Barefoot Resort area to the Briarcliffe RV Resort area. People living in the Barefoot Resort area were also allowed to return to their homes.

The situation came as a shock to some people who are visiting the area, such as Missy Holtzman.

“It was a little scary and unnerving,” she said. “They told us to stay put and that’s what we did.”

Employees at nearby businesses also recalled learning information as quickly as it was made available while evacuating Thursday.

“You’re just on edge,” said Mindy Montez, who works at Roy and Casper, LLC. “We were trying to work and get our work done, but it was impossible. It was in the back of your mind. Is this guy going to walk by my window?”

Just before 1 p.m., Alston was taken into custody at the Briarcliffe RV Resort and found to be in possession of a GLOCK 9mm handgun.

According to the SLED report, 9mm casings were found in the area where Alston fired at officers. Based on those findings, SLED says Alston “did commit the offense of attempted murder.”

He was taken to the hospital following his capture, with SLED later adding that he was found with a gunshot wound to his foot.

Video from the scene also shows that the Horry County Police Department was also called in to help with the situation.

SLED said the incident is the 19th officer-involved shooting in South Carolina so far this year and is the second to take place in the Grand Strand within the past week.

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