Netflix launches a mobile game of “La Casa de Papel”

2022-07-07 23:19:15 By : Ms. Coral Yang

Netflix diversifies its products and presents the first mobile game based on the series "La casa de papel" and it seems to be the beginning of a product that will exploit a lot with the most successful series.The company continues to expand: the company grew 85% compared to 2021 and increased its worldwide subscriber base by 8.29 million.In the last quarter of 2021, Netflix's profit increased 12% year-on-year to $607.4 million.And its trend seems to continue when launching this product.Mobile games are one of the strongest online entertainment offers.The gaming industry on mobile devices is booming.The mobile video game industry currently owns 52% of the market, and the total revenue it contributed throughout 2021 was no less than 90 million dollars.Furthermore, mobile gaming is the fastest growing industry, and it is expected to continue to grow.Its variety of topics is really great.In recent years, the most popular are board games such as Scrabble, games of chance such as mobile casinos, strategy games or multiplayer Persistent Universe games.Netflix's game development is focused on the mobile market.Thus, it can be used anywhere and its requirements are not particularly high: the creation can be accessed from a mid-range model.The game is based just like the series in action.The discovery of places and accessories is combined with the execution of actions that allow coping with difficulties.All this, playing putting yourself in the shoes of one of the members of the band that is directed by the iconic Professor.Among the options that the game allows you to open door locks;eliminate enemies that are annoying and you can also decipher what is necessary to be able to open the safes that are in the casino.The game has eye-catching cel-shaded graphics and easy phone control because it has been developed for the touch screen to allow any action.The game consists of helping an acquaintance of the leader of the gang: his objective is to rob a casino in Monaco, which is one of the places where the most money is moved in the Principality.To achieve this, he will be helped by some of the well-known members of the gang, who will make use of their own abilities, being essential to complete the hit without being stopped.At the end of March, Netflix also announced the acquisition of Boss Fight, being the third purchase of a studio by the company.It is a mobile game developer with 130 employees.Along with it, he bought a studio called Night School in September, and Next Games, for $72.08 million.The company thus shows that it will continue to significantly increase its gaming efforts in the coming months.In the month of January, executives announced that investors were looking to license major gaming IP this year.[email protected] World, SL is the publisher of digital newspaper - Spain - Legal Deposit AL-61-2006 - ISSN-1885-9984 © Teleprensa World SL Apartado de Correos 10.103, 04080 ALMERÍA WhatsApp 671834321. CIF B04260022 Registration Mercantil of ALMERÍA Volume 323 Folio 67 Section 8 Page 9039. All rights reserved.All reproduction, distribution, public communication and use, total or partial, of the contents of this website, in any form or modality, without prior, express and written authorization from Teleprensa World SL, including and in particular, its mere reproduction and /or made available as summaries, reviews or press reviews for commercial purposes or directly or indirectly for profit.Teleprensa World, SL, is not responsible for the opinions of its collaborators or those reflected by its readers in the comments of news or articles, all responsibility corresponding to the person who makes such comments or exposes those opinions.