Surprise on a C5N mobile: students from Tucuman wanted to ask the president a question about Cristina Kirchner |through the nets

2022-07-09 19:42:09 By : Mr. weisheng Chen

In a live broadcast, a boy said what he would ask Alberto Fernández and provoked the reaction of the note.The awkward moment went viral on social media.In Tucumán, a reporter from channel C5N approached a group of students to ask them what they would ask Alberto Fernández.What the children told her about her completely shocked her.During the live broadcast of the channel that belongs to the Kirchnerist businessman Cristóbal López, the journalist Daniela Ballester approached the Tucuman boys who were waiting in front of the Casa de Tucumán.There they waited for the president who, minutes later, would head the official act for Independence Day.While the videograph affirmed "The emotion of the youngest in the celebrations", the journalist told the children: "What are you going to say to the President when you see him go by?"And her response surprised her: "Why do you allow yourself to be governed by Cristina?"Before the boy's comment, the chronicler turned red and launched a: "Nooooo".Then she continued with the questions to the boys to get out of the uncomfortable moment, Clarín details.Another of the boys stated: "Let him bring Messi" and the journalist limited: "I don't know if Alberto Fernández will be able to", while the broadcast continued in Córdoba.During the rest of the transmission, the different noteros of the channel consulted the Tucuman boys again, but the questions were if they preferred Lionel Messi or Diego Maradona, how they would react to a greeting from Alberto Fernández, and also what subjects they like in the school.With your subscription you browse without limits, access exclusive content and much more.You can also add Los Andes Pass to save at hundreds of stores!Members of Grupo Clarín:The Andes.Founded on October 20, 1883 by Dr. Adolfo Calle.Legal address: Av. San Martín 1049 (5500), Mendoza, Argentina.Owner: Diario Los Andes Hermanos Calle SA Responsible editor: Raúl Pedone.National Registry of Intellectual Property 5316981. All rights reserved.DNDA: pending.